Sales conditions

The buyer confirms to be 18 years or older and agrees to the Terms and Conditions of sale.

A reservation is only made after receipt of payment of the due amount.
The offer of ordering is valid as far as the 'pay-by' date is observed.
The time limit of the 'pay-by' date will be strictly observed when the selling out of the event or the price category is imminent.
Even in case of late payment, Overkoepelende StudentenDienst vzw (OSD vzw) has the right to make a reservation if there are enough tickets available of the price category.

Service and administration costs are in any case definitely acquired by OSD vzw.
The right of renunciation does not apply because the service, c.q. the reservation of tickets, is provided immediately.
All VAT and taxes are at the expense of the buyer.
The person or firm ordering will be regarded as the customer and stands surety for the payment of the order, even if it has to be charged and dispatched to a third party.

Our products (tickets, invoices) always remain our exclusive property, both intellectually as well as materially. All copying or imitation is therefore strictly forbidden, under whatever form and using whatever procedure. It is forbidden to resell the tickets or to provide them in any way to a third party for commercial reasons.
If the tickets were not acquired by means of the official channels of sale, the organizer reserves the right to prohibit the access. Identity control of the ticket bearer by the organizer or the official ticket distributor is possible.
Access to the event will only be granted to the first person presenting the original e-ticket. Therefore, access will be refused to the bearer of photocopied e-tickets.

Without permission in writing from the organizer, every commercial use of the name or logo of the event or artist is strictly prohibited.
All disputes regarding orders must be made knowable to us by registered post eight days after receipt of the payment demand at the latest.
Changes in the programme, dates and/or places of the shows, changes in the position and/or availability of places and cancellations of the shows belong to the sole responsibility of the organizer. OSD vzw only acts as intermediary for the ordering of tickets and explicitly limits its liability to this point.

One will only be reimbursed for the entrance price or tickets will only be changed in case of the cancellation of the event. In that case, tickets have to be turned in within two weeks after the date of the event.
Cancellations and/or changes of the support acts will under no circumstances give rise to any reimbursement nor exchange of the tickets.

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