Privacy policy

When you perform a certain action on this website (e. g. booking tickets) Overkoepelende StudentenDienst vzw (OSD vzw) will ask you to provide certain information about yourself online. OSD vzw collects this information so as to be able to handle your reservation and keep you properly informed about events. OSD vzw uses this information appropriately. Under no condition will your details be passed onto third parties, i.e. organisers of concerts and events, concert hall operators and their sponsors, however they may be used by OSD vzw to communicate relevant information.

You are entitled to access your personal information and preferences with regard to your privacy. You are also entitled to correct this data or have it removed. You can do so by writing to OSD vzw on the following address:

Overkoepelende StudentenDienst vzw (OSD vzw)
Triomflaan 35
1160 Oudergem

We request that you mention your name, address and/or e-mail address when contacting us.

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